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Small Escorted Group = Max 14

Exclusive PRIVATE adventure for The Bike Lane !!


South Dakota - Deadwood to Pringle | 7-nights

2022 July 13 - 20

Email Deborah
       Capacity:   14
Available Spots:   11

Adventure Meter:    

Adventurous; moderate level of fitness is required; must have current bicycle riding experience (street bike - not mountain biking); biking average 15 - 25 miles per day, approx. 2 - 4 hours in the seat; mostly level or roly-poly; active itinerary

Escorted by: 

The Bike Lane ♥ Deborah Haling

Email her

Best Time to Go:

June, July or August.

That is also the most crowed time, as their "Summer" weather has a very short window.


Depends on the Summer (fluctuates as all places do) usually low 80’s to high 80’s.

Cloudy days could be 60’s or 70’s, so bring warm rain gear.

If there is a HEAT WAVE, might get to 90.