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2020 March 7 - 14

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Moderately Active; requires some exploring and walking

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December - April

Hosted by:  Sandy Stocks

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Join Sandy and gang, for an unforget-table sailing adventure aboard the 5-mast tall sailing ship, the Royal Clipper, hop-skipping the Caribbean Islands.


Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Series


Isla Cruces is a fictional island. The ruined church, graveyard, and mill were filmed in Vieille CaseDominica. In Dead Man's Chest, Isla Cruces is a tropical island where Davy Jones buried the Dead Man's Chest. This chest contains his beating heart; stabbing the heart is the only way to kill Jones. The island appears to have been abandoned. The previous occupants are unknown, but there are crumbling buildings indicating that it was once inhabited.


Also in Dead Man’s Chest - Pelegosto, also known as Cannibal Island, is a fictional island. Scenes set on the island were filmed on Dominica. The Pelegosto tribe's main village was built south of the island's capital, Roseau. Other scenes were filmed in Morne Trois Pitons National Park and Indian River.


Shipwreck Cove (an inlet on the fictional Shipwreck Island) in scenes from At World's End were filled in Dominica. Shipwreck Cove is considered to be an impregnable fortress, well-supplied, and able to withstand nearly any siege. It serves as the meeting place for the Brethren Court, which is a gathering of the world's nine Pirate Lords.  The Pirate's Code is kept at Shipwreck Cove. This rule book serves as the source of law for all pirates. Jack Sparrow's father, Captain Teague, is the Keeper of the Code.

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