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Moderately active; requires some exploring and walking

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Nov - April

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  • Our Man in Havana, 1959, starring Alex Guinness.  Filmed in Havana a few years after the revolution, this dark comedy is a great way of seeing how the Cuban capital used to look.  It features Alex Guinness as a British salesman who is tasked with setting up a spy network for MI6.  There is a huge number of great shots, and even a scene at the iconic Tropicana night club.​



  • Dreaming in Cuban, by Cristina Garcia.  Ms. Garcia's first novel tells the story of three generations of women in one family, and how staying in Cuba or feeling the country affects their lives.​

  • Breathe:  Stories from Cuba, by Leila Segal.  Leila Segal delves into the heart of the country, behind the faded facades with their peeling paint and the rusty American cars, to find its soul.  The music, the sense of community and the remarkable strength of its people are the beating heart of a country with so much to offer.

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