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HAWAII - Maui Adventure

2019 Aug 3 - 10

Hosted By:

A Wild Adventure / Deborah Haling

Adventure Meter:    

Moderately active; requires some exploring and walking

Best Time to Go:

Any time, especially Summer (consistently 85 degrees with a breeze)

Best Movies & Books:


Blue Hawaii, 1961 * Comedy Music/Romance

Starring Elvis.  After being discharged from the U.S. Army, cool guy Chadwick Gates (Elvis Presley) returns home to Hawaii.


Molokai: The Story of Father Damien,   1999 ‧ Drama.  Based on a true story, this drama focuses on Father Damien (David Wenham), a Roman Catholic priest from Belgium who takes up a post at a Hawaiian leprosy settlement.



Hawaii, by James A. Michener.  The novel was published in 1959, the same year Hawaii became the 50th U.S. state.  The story of the original Hawaiians who sailed to the islands from Bora Bora, the early American missionaries and merchants, and the Chinese and Japanese immigrants who traveled to work and seek their fortunes in Hawaii.


Lost Kingdom: Hawaii's Last Queen, the Sugar Kings, and America's First Imperial Adventure, by Julia Flynn Siler.  Around 200 A.D., intrepid Polynesians arrived at an undisturbed archipelago. For centuries, their descendants lived with little contact from the western world. In 1778, their isolation was shattered with the arrival of Captain Cook.

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