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Adventure Meter:    

Adventurous; moderate level of fitness is required; extended walking and stairs involved; active itinerary



Best Time to Go:

Spring Sept/October & Fall May/June

Rainy Season: their Summer Nov - April

Group:    8 minimum

               14 maximum

               (Based on availability of Permits)

Trip Leader Comp: None.  Can be added if necessary (which will result in a higher price).

Group Space needs to be held approx 7 - 9 months in advance of departure date because of the limited trail permits, so pre-planning is important.  They only issue 500 permits per day – 200 trekkers and 300 guides, porters and cooks.  That is very limited.

Because the permits are sold on a first- come, first-serve basis, you need to book your permit (i.e. trip) well in advance because permits are coveted like gold dust.

Deposit to hold space:  $ 250


Deposit is 100% refundable without penalty for 60 – 90 days (based on when you book) so you can promote within your group to see if it’s a “GO”.

Liability to club:  NONE


Easy Payment Plan available to all your travelers


Final Payment approx 50 days before departure


Flights – best pricing these days is found online during airline specials.  We don’t book flights, but we'll gladly let you know the airlines specials to share with your group.  Always recommend your travelers book directly online with the airline – discourage 3rd party sites like, Expedia…

Group Air is available, but pricing is no longer competitive with online and seats cannot be selected (so you will get a lot of middle seats).


Inca Trail Weather:  The weather on the Inca Trail varies throughout the year from sunny and dry to wet and cold. The conditions that you will experience depend largely on the time of year that you trek the Inca Trail. Temperatures rise slightly during the wet season (October thru April), as this is actually Summer in the southern hemisphere. Days are usually bright and sunny with temperatures around the 20 °C (70 °F) mark. If rain falls, then often the temperature will drop quite significantly, and combined with the wind chill factor, it can actually feel quite cold.


Night time on the Inca Trial is actually quite cold, with temperatures often falling below freezing point. When the sun sets the temperature drops quickly, and you will need to be prepared with warm clothing. We advise that you take thick dry socks, gloves, hats and warm clothing for the evening and for sleeping.


Rainy Season on the Inca Trail, generally from Mid October – Mid April, is less popular with trekkers, as there is more chance of rain. The dry season which runs generally April through October has a good climate for trekking with little or no rain at all. However, during the rainy season with the increased amount of rain fall you will find that the mountains are more lush and green, compared to the other months of the year, so trekking in April or May [Autumn] at the end of the rainy season can be quite beautiful with many flowers and orchids.



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