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from Lima  |  7 nights

Adventure Meter:    

Moderately Active; requires some exploring and walking



Best Time to Go:

Spring Sept/October & Fall May/June

Rainy Season: their Summer Nov - April

Available Dates: Your Choice

Private Dedicated Group

12 minimum

24+ maximum


Trip Leader Comp: One (1) with 11 or 15 paid full fare

Land Tour only – not including pre-stay nor flight


Group Space needs to be held approx 4 - 6 months in advance of departure dates, so pre-planning is important


Deposit to hold space:  $ 250


Deposit is 100% refundable without penalty within 60 – 90 days (based on when you book) so you can promote within your group to see if it’s a “GO”

Liability to club:  NONE


Easy Payment Plan available to all your travelers


Final Payment approx 50 days before departure


Flights – best pricing these days is found online during airline specials.  We don’t book flights, but will gladly let you know the airlines specials so you can share them with your group.  Always recommend your travelers book directly online with the airlines – discourage 3rd party sites like, Expedia…

Group Air is available, but pricing is no longer competitive with online and seats cannot be selected (so you will get a lot of middle seats).


Weather during May, August, September: warm days, cool nights, especially in altitude

(Rainy season is generally Winter)

Printable Trip Info

Currency: Peru Sol


Electric: 220 V in the majority of both countries. Plug Adapter required. A Converter may be required, depending on what you are plugging in (some items have a built in converter).  Carefully review your device.


VISA - There is no VISA required. 

Immunization/Shots: According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are no obligatory vaccines you need before traveling to this location (unless visiting on your own to remote areas). Check your records to see if it's time to update your routine shots. The DPT vaccines, which protect against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, should be updated every 10 years.

MP Sacred Valley no hike pg 1.png
MP Sacred Valley no hike pg 2.png

Travel Insurance

CLICK for tips & info on travel insurance

Recommended - 

Covers Trip Cancellation, Medical and more...

Offered by Travel Insured International

Terms & Conditions

  • All A Wild Adventure Terms & Conditions apply

  • Policy subject to change per cruise line or tour operator’s conditions.

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