New Orleans to Memphis

American Queen Steamboat  |  8-nights

2021 September 19 - 27

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We are all hoping that life returns to some semblance of "Normal" soon!

In thinking positive, we have scheduled this adventure with eagerness and excitement!

We hope to go!!

Once it is safe to travel again - we will confirm this trip and open it up for deposits.

In the meantime - Save Your Spot now.  

Be safe.  Be responsible.  Stay positive!

Adventure Meter:    

Easy Peasy; casual walking at a slow

stop & go pace; suitable for all ages

Best Time to Go:

Spring of Fall

Escorted by:  to be determined

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From New Orleans to Memphis, traditions, architecture and heritage are living testaments to the region’s historic and cultural significance. 

Group Size:

6 minimum - NO maximum

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Weather:  September is ideal end of Summer gorgeous weather


Currency: US Dollars

Electric: 110V Standard US electric


VISA - There is no VISA required.

Immunization/Shots: According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are no obligatory vaccines you need before traveling to this location. Check your records to see if it's time to update your routine shots. The DPT vaccines, which protect against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, should be updated every 10 years.



Fly into New Orleans, LA

Return Home from Memphis, TN

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