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Phoenix Ski Club exclusive adventure...


Boston to Quebec  |  7-nights

2022 Sept 16 - 23

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Moderately Active; requires some exploring and walking

We this cruise!!  Why?

A fabulous historic adventure, without flying to Europe!

♥ Because it starts in fabulous Boston - historic birth place of the USA and eastern seaboard.  Perhaps you'll fly in early and enjoy the history, food and charm of beautiful "Beantown", and maybe also the countryside of the New England Autumn area.  So much to see!

♥ Secondly - it ends in Quebec!  C'est bon!!  A little slice of French life, Canadian style.

Stay in and around Quebec on your own after the cruise - rent a car or SUV and make your own adventure.

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Weather This cruise covers a lot of territory!  Plan on warmish days - and cool nights.  Bring a jacket and an umbrella - it's green!


Currency: US dollar, Canadian dollar


Electric: Ship: 110V US Standard

Canada Hotels: 220 V. Plug Adapter required. A Converter may be required, depending on what you are plugging in (some items have a built in converter).  Carefully review your device.


VISA - There is no VISA required for any country visited

Immunization/Shots: At this time a COVID-19 vaccination card for full immunization is required for every passenger. No exceptions.

For all COVID and travel procedures, all details can be found at

Click on FAQ, and look at the first question. All COVID related information is found easily here.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are no additional obligatory vaccines you need before traveling to this location.

Check your records to see if it's time to update your routine shots. The DPT vaccines, which protect against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, should be updated every 10 years.



Fly into Boston MA

Return Home from Quebec Canada

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