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Almost FREE Street Art Walk Tour - Exarcheia neighbourhood

May 18th   11:00am     $5 Per Person

May 25th   11:00am     $5 Per Person


If you are fascinated by street art and you wish to explore Exarcheia neighbourhood this is the almost free tour for you.


GUIDE:  English

DURATION: 3.5 hours


If you are keen on street art and you wish to explore Exarcheia neighbourhood this is the almost free tour for you. By this walk, you will learn about the history and local stories of Exarchia combined with some amazing street art work. Starting from the early 19th century till nowadays you will find out how this neighbourhood became the heartbeat of political and social resistance.


Exarcheia is a vivid, artsy and authentic neighborhood with a lots of young people meeting and gathering here. Neoclassical buildings with wrought iron balconies host a plague of graffiti. Tags from the inane to the profane mark each and every wall – a reminder of the area’s antiestablishment ties from years ago.  Today, however, this central neighbourhood is a cultural must visit in Athens. With a distinctly different vibe to any other part of town, Exarcheia has retained its old world Greek charm while welcoming in a new artistic crowd. 


What is amazing about this neighborhood apart from nightlife and street food, is street art. It's like an open gallery of street art. You will see many street artists that are known worldwide. My personal challenge for you is to be able to recognize some techniques and some street artists at the end of the tour.


This is an almost FREE tour – sponsored by the City of Athens and guided by a certified student guide, and a donation of $5 is appreciated.



I will wait for you in the stairs of Old National Library!

Panepistimiou 32, Athina 106 79, Greece

A 10 minute walk from the Pallas Athena Hotel


Take proper shoes for a light walk up to some hills, hats, and water. The whole walk will take us up to 3.5 hours, so mind the time.

Almost FREE Street Art Walk Tour - Exarcheia | 2019 May 18 or 25 | 11:00am

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