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Almost FREE Walking With Ancient Gods From Thiseio Square To Filopappos

2020 May 16th   1:00pm     $5 Per Person

2020 May 23rd   1:00pm     $5 Per Person


Do you like mythology? Wander the street of history and hear the stories of kinky love affairs, glorious transformations, mighty heroes and more.


GUIDE:  English

DURATION: 2 hours


I am Nataliya, your tour guide - nice to meet you! I love storytelling, so when you visit my Athens, you will find a story about everything. I am a teacher, actress, and a writer.

Join us for a walk with bizarre and random stories about Greek Gods!  Do you like mythology? I love talking about it and telling the stories!  Kinky love affairs, glorious transformations, mighty heroes and more.

We will walk through the legendary district of Thiseio, see an ancient Hefestus temple, Zeus altar, old observatory Pnyx and Filopappos Hills. But we will not talk about the sights. We will talk about Gods!


This is an almost FREE tour – sponsored by the City of Athens and guided by a certified student guide, and a donation of $5 is appreciated.



Let’s meet at the entrance of Thiseio train (metro, green line) station (outside, right next to the map board).

Note, there is a street with the same name in Athens, so just follow the guidance above.

A 15 minute walk from the Pallas Athena Hotel


Take proper shoes for a light walk up to some hills, hats, and water. The whole walk will take us up to 2 hours, so mind the time.

Almost FREE Walking With Ancient Gods | 2020 May 16 or 23 | 1:00pm

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