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Athens Culinary Tour | 2020 May 14, 15 or 16 | 9:30am

Athens Culinary Tour

2020 May 14th    9:30am     $72 Per Person

2020 May 15th    9:30am     $72 Per Person

2020 May 16th    9:30am     $72 Per Person


Your taste buds will explode as you sample Greek delicacies ranging from the mouth-watering sweet and syrupy “loukoumades” to traditional “bougatsa” or souvlaki with pita bread or Feta cheese and the famous Greek Kalamon olives and many more! Enjoy this unique tour, in the non-touristy area of Athens and acquaint yourself with true Greek cuisine and how Greek food has influence history.


GUIDE:  English

DURATION: 3.5 - 4 hours

MINIMUM:  1 person



Visit the Athens Central Market

Stroll through off-the-beaten-path areas in the city

Discover where Athenians shop and eat in a lively neighborhood

Learn about the Mediterranean diet

Sample Greek savories and sweets




Get ready to bite into a sweet, cream-filled, crunchy filo layered pie called bougatsa, fork into perfectly fried doughnut balls drenched in honey called loukoumades, and savor a satisfying meld of flavors from warm pita bread filled with seasoned grilled meat, fresh veggies and a traditional sauce called gyros. In between, you’ll taste Feta cheese, Greek olives, and sip Greek wines. This neighborhood walk revolves around sampling Greece’s traditional food.


Athens Central Market and More

Our Athens Walking Tours guide will lead you through the bustling Athens Central Market, a historic food market unlike any other in Europe. Here, colorful and fragrant food stalls set the stage among animated food sellers, fishmongers and butchers whelping for sales as locals bargain them down.


Experience the Tastes of Greece

You’ll also walk the city’s quaint spice street, browse through mom-and-pop specialty shops selling local wine, olive oil, cheese or olives, and sample what’s behind the glass counters at family-run delicatessens. The aromas of fresh, out-of-the-oven savory pies, the tempting displays of Greek pastries and sips of Greece’s strong and tasteful spirits round out the food tour.


Discover Athenian Food Culture

In between each bite, you’ll gain insight into Greece’s fascinating food culture, the evolution of the country’s cuisine and the healthy nature of locally produced, organic ingredients.


MEETING POINT:    The meeting point is just a few minutes walk from Pallas Athena Hotel - outside Panepistimio metro station at Korai pedestrian walkway in front of the Starbucks cafe. If you use the metro to come follow the “Korai” exit signs.



Our Athens Food Tour is vegetarian-friendly as only one or two stops involve meat tastings where we would be happy to provide alternative sampling when requested. However, there are limited choices for other dietary restrictions such as gluten-free or dairy-free. If you any of the above dietary requirements or serious FOOD ALLERGIES please consult your travel professional before purchasing tickets.



- Food specialist guide

- Brochure with all places visited during the tour

- Food & Beverages sampling (22 various foods and drinks)



- Gratuities (gratuity rates in Greece are around 10% of service cost)

- Hotel pick-up and drop-off

- Lunch or Dinner

Athens Culinary Tour | 2020 May 14, 15 or 16 | 9:30am

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