2019  November 11 - 18

Adventure Meter:    

Easy Peasy; casual walking at a slow

stop & go pace; suitable for all ages

Best Time to Go:

September  (Autumn) - November (Spring)

Hosted by:  Sigrid Egan

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Join Sigrid and gang exploring the diverse city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Boat tours and Gaucho's by day ... Tango by night!

Group:    6 minimum

               10 maximum

Best Movies & Books:

Evita stars Madonna and was released in 1996. Most people outside Argentina know about Argentina because of this film, in which Madonna played Argentina’s favourite daughter Eva Peron. The film is narrated by Antonio Banderas and depicts Evita’s life, from her humble country beginnings to rise as Argentina’s First Lady. 


The Motorcycle Diaries.  Based on the journals of Cuban Revolution leader Ernesto Che Guevara, "The Motorcycle Diaries" takes us on an riveting adventure across South America, starting in Buenos Aires. About to finish his medical studies, he plans to complete his final residency at a leper colony in Peru, so he grabs a friend and a motorcycle and makes his way there on a memorable journey with plenty of challenges and controversy along the way. Among other awards, "The Motorcycle Diaries" won a BAFTA Film Award for "Best Film not in the English Language."


Tango.  A Buenos Aires-based film director, Mario Suarez, has a mission to create the ultimate tango film, interweaving pieces of Argentina's history. He risks losing the support of his backers when he plans to develop a scene which will recreate what are referred to as the country's "dark years", a period of political suppression during which many people were "disappeared". To complicate matters, his wife, one of the stars of his film, has left him. Then, he falls in love with one of the dancers who is married to one his investors. The film was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe and won many other awards including an American Choreography Award for "Outstanding Achievement in Feature Film."

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