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2020 THAILAND-Cambodia ~ VIP Adventure

2020 Feb 1 - 15

Optional Post-Trip aboard the Star Clipper to Singapore

2020 Feb 15 - 22

Cruise Post-Trip

Adventure Meter:    

Adventurous; moderate level of fitness is required; extended walking and stairs involved; active itinerary

Best Time to Go:

November - March

Weather during February:

Dry and Warm (similar to Florida)

Group Size:  10 - 16 maximum  

Hosted by:      Deborah Haling

          Click to email Deborah


On a quest for a personal spiritual experience ... or a culinary adventure that explodes all your senses... or maybe just explore ancient temples and monasteries?  Planes, boats and tuk-tuks ... this trip covers it all!

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2020 Thailand & Angkor Wat FLYER-1.png
2020 Thailand & Angkor Wat FLYER-2.png

Post-Trip: Phuket to Singapore aboard the Star Clipper

2020 Thailand Cruise Star Clipper to Sin
2020 Thailand Cruise Star Clipper to Sin

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