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Hey Club Trip Coordinators

We make booking an adventure for your club or group so easy, and super simple for the club trip coordinator!

We’ll do all the work and supply you with:

♦ Hand-out flyers for your custom trip with your logo and contact info
♦ Trip details, weather info, maps, handy packing suggestions, and more!
♦ Monthly reports & updates on your group status
♦ Your own Trip Plans by Travefy app (mobile & desktop) with all the detailed info for your custom adventure
♦ Perks for the Trip coordinator – your contagious excitement in rallying the troops is rewarded (ask us about this!)
♦ Phone and Email support for questions, and to place trip deposits by credit card or personal check

Individuals can call us directly to get their questions answered anytime! We handle all the details.

All you do, as the Trip Leader, is spread your excitement and get your group talkin’ and bookin’ their trip!

A Wild Adventure has worked with clubs and groups for over 19 years.

Outstanding Customer Service, trip execution and personal care that exceeds your expectations is our #1 goal.

Call us to inquire about your next adventure.

Your team at A Wild Adventure

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