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Past Trips

Click the links below for movies, slideshows & itineraries


Thailand / Cambodia

     --> Watch Brigitte's movie Link

 Caribbean on Star Clippers

    --> Check out the Photo book  Link


New Zealand - North & South

Cozumel Dive Trip

Cuba Explorer

Mamma Mia Greek Cruise - Star Flyer

   --> Check ou the Photo book   Link

Moselle Boat & Bike - Patria

Viking Bordeaux River Cruise

Roatan Dive Trip

Buenos Aires - Tango & Tapas

Rockin' New Years Eve Cruise


The Mysteries of Egypt & Jordan

    Watch Brigitte's movie   link

Cuba Culture & Adventure

Machu Picchu & the Sacred Valley

Croatia Boat & Bike - ms Patria

 Viking Rhine River Cruise

     --> Watch Brigitte's movie Link


Costa Rica Adventure   

Ireland - Pubs, Castles & Legends

Curacao Dive Trip                    

Alaska Cruise -  NCL ms Sun 

 Casablanca Cruise - MSC; French Riviera

    --> Watch the slideshow  link  (no audio)

   --> Watch Brigitte's movie  link

 Paris post-trip

"People don't want to take a trip.  They want to have an adventure with their friends."

~ Deborah Haling


photo me oval.jpg

A Wild Adventure began as Larry Reineck and Deborah Haling looking for adventure, and inviting some club friends along [Hey, we're doin' this cool trip- wanna come??].  As other club members found out about the first trip, hiking the Inca Trail, they asked if they could come along?? [Well, sure you can]

Upon return, they all said "Awesome, where are we going next!??"


Before long, others were asking if they could lead trips also, well, not trips - adventures, and a team was born...

and a travel idea became a Travel Agency for Groups and Clubs.

And our name says it all...

Twenty years later - we have traveled far and wide and sent group and club "explorers" all over the world together!

We've discovered:  Why take a trip, when you can have an adventure.


South Africa

    -->  Watch the movie link 


Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca  

Choquequirao Trek (the other Machu Picchu) 

 Danube Bike+Boat  - My Story

 Cinque Terra Italy - the 5 Villages

Panama Canal Cruise 

     --> Watch George's slideshow  link  (no audio)


Alaska Cruise NCL                

Roatan Dive Trip


Danube River Cruise - ms Little Prince   

 Rome/Greek Isles Cruise - Royal Caribbean 

    -->  Watch the movie  link


♥ Ecuador & Galapagos Islands

   --> Watch Brigitte's movie  link


New Years Eve Western Caribbean Cruise - Princess


Northern Europe Baltic Cruise - Carnival  Legend


Mexican Riviera Cruise - Carnival Spirit


Caribbean Cruise - Carnival Victory

    --> Watch Larry in the Legends Show: Elvis  link


Europe Cruise from Rome - Carnival Freedom

    --> Watch Brigitte's movie   link 


Peru  Lake Of The Condors & Chachapoya

    ---> Watch the movie  link 

Phantom Ranch


Copper Canyon

    -->  Watch the movie  link 

Phantom Ranch


Alaska – the Kenai


Machu Picchu – the Original 1st

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