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Every group trip has it's own group travel insurance plan.

For your convenience, we offer the following group plan:


Allianz Travel Insurance

Flyer Overview & Pricing

Group Advantage Plan 2021
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Also available:

ANNUAL Travel Insurance

Covered Value: $3,000 annually

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Allianz Travel Insurance


Also available:

ANNUAL Travel Insurance

Covered Value: $5,000 annually

A Wild Adventure recommends that all travelers purchase a travel protection plan to help protect themselves and their trip investment.

Every group trip has its own group travel insurance plan - so you pay a lower premium than average and have excellent coverage.  This insurance is OPTIONAL, but recommended before you book your flight / or until your trip is no longer 100% refundable - whichever comes first.

Travel Insurance covers:


1. NOT being able to go on your trip. 

  • You OR a family member (Mother, Father, siblings, kids) gets sick, causing you to unexpectedly cancel your trip?

  • Your mean boss yanks your vacation out from under you – causing you to have to cancel last minute.


2. If something happens when you’re ON your trip!

Did you realize that most medical insurance is not good outside the USA???  Please check with your health insurance company!  How easy is it to stumble and sprain an ankle, break an arm, or worst... 

And what if your luggage is lost?  Your flight is cancelled?


Travel protection plans can provide coverage for:

  • trip cancellation

  • trip interruption / missed connection

  • emergency medical expenses

  • emergency evacuation/ repatriation

  • trip delay / trip interruption

  • baggage delay / lost baggage

  • 24-Hour Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation

        ... and more.

Note: Claims must be for an approved "Covered Reason". Please refer to Explanation of Benefits in your policy or call Allianz Travel Insurance with coverage questions. 

This Group Plan does not cover Cancel For Any Reason.

See link to the left - Group Coverage Details - for details on Covered Reasons for Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption.

Travel Insurance premiums are based on the value/cost of your trip.

It is very affordable!!! 

You decide what your total trip value will be (that means: the max they would pay out if you filed a claim).  This should include ALL non-refundable trip expenses.

Details on what’s covered and costs -  see the chart below, or use the link to the left for a printable Group Coverage Details Brochure..

The earliest you can get travel insurance – as soon as you place your deposit on your trip..

Best time to take your Travel Insurance - within 14 days from the deposit of your trip, for fullest coverage.  See Group Coverage Details Brochure.

The LATEST you should get travel insurance – once you’ve booked your flight or close to reaching your Final Payment date on your trip expense!! But it is available at the last minute 48 hours before departure.

To purchase, click here to contact A Wild Adventure. If you have questions about coverage, please review the policy or contact:


Allianz Travel Insurance


Check Allianz FAQs



The thing about annual plans is that you are not covered “per trip” – it covers all travel and trips over 100 miles from home, and is accumulative for the year.


The “trip coverage” you choose is the total payout you would get for the year if anything cancelled and you filed a/or several claims.


In other words, if you choose the ANNUAL EXECUTIVE PLAN with the $5,000 trip cancellation policy, that’s the most you would get reimbursed total for the year. (The Executive plan is the most popular)


So you may have a $1,000 claim, and then a $2,500 claim, and then a final $1,500 claim would “finish ya off…” for the year. Or if you had a $6,000 trip, you’d only get reimbursed $5,000 of it.

The medical part works the same way…


Make sense?? – can be a bit confusing.  Call with questions.

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