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How To Find And Choose A GREAT Hotel Anywhere In The World

Updated: 6 days ago

Typically 3 things matter: Location, Star Rating (reviews), Price.

Enter the destination and dates of where you want to go.

It will pull up a list of MANY properties in that area.

On the left hand side you can filter this by: Popular Filters (Beachfront, Swimming Pool, Balcony…) Star Ratings, Distance from town, type of Property (Hotel, B & B, Apartment…). Make any choices that are a deal-breakers.

I would suggest always selecting a Star Rating (you can choose more than one) to avoid any “down-and-dirty-bargains”, typically 2-star. Yuck.

Next, click on the top right side MAP VIEW.

You can enlarge the map with the + and – symbols in the bottom right corner.

This gives you a visual of where the properties are, because that is really the most important thing first.

When you scroll your mouse over the blue dots, the name of the property and rating (look for 8’s and 9”s) will pop up, and if you entered your dates you will also see pricing and if it offers free cancellation.

Click on a property, and you will see all the info, and the reviews on the left side.

Also check for reviews. These are very reliable, and as a Travel Agent, I never book a property anywhere in the world without looking at the reviews on TripAdvisor first!

Everyone is looking for different things on a holiday – and all this makes it very easy to select a place to stay that fits your desires.

Some properties may NOT be refundable, so check that carefully.

Hope this helps!


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