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Private Trips

Each private adventure scheduled on our website is hosted and escorted by the travel leader or Club that coordinated it.
Most trips are limited to small groups.

For details, see the individual trip for limits, dates and contact info.
They may be accepting additional fun travelers.
Please email us, or the Trip Leader with questions.

Thailand White Temple Chiang Rai.jpg

Arranging Your Own Private Adventure

Would you like to put your own small group together for a private adventure?   Escorted by a Wild Adventure professional familiar with the area.
Most small groups need as little as 8 travelers - usually maximum is 12 - 14.

These are the private escorted destinations we are currently arranging:

♥ South Africa

♥ New Zealand

♥ Thailand

♥ Egypt / Jordan

♥ Galapagos

Please inquire about setting up your own private escorted adventure


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