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Dublin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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Small Escorted Group = Max 24

Exclusive PRIVATE adventure for The Bike Lane !!

IRELAND:  Castles, Pubs & Bicycles

from Dublin  |  6-nights

2022 Sept 23 - 29

Dublin 2-night Pre-Stay available

2022 Sept 21 - 23

Includes 2-night Hotel, Musicians Pub Crawl, morning guided bike ride

       Capacity:   24
Available Spots:   22

Adventure Meter:    

Adventurous; moderate level of fitness is required; must have current bicycle riding experience (street bike - not mountain biking); biking average 10 - 15 miles per day, approx. 1 - 2 hours in the seat; mostly level or roly-poly; active itinerary

Escorted by: 

The Bike Lane ♥ Deborah Haling

Email her

Best Time to Go:

May; September; October.

Shoulder season, end of Spring, and early Autumn, is least crowded.

Weather during May - June, September - October: dry, warm days, cool nights

(Rainy season is generally Winter  Nov - March)

Flights – best pricing these days is found online during airline specials.  We don’t book flights, but will gladly let you know the airlines specials are so we can fly together. 

Save your Frequent Flyer Points!  Even if you only use them for one way.

Remember - always book directly online with the airlines – avoid 3rd party sites like, Expedia…  If you ever have a problem with your flight (like: they switched it to something awful) they will not help you.

Group Size:

16 minimum - 24 maximum


Printable Trip Info

Currency: Euros


Electric: 220 V in the majority of both countries. Plug Adapter required. A Converter may be required, depending on what you are plugging in (some items have a built in converter).  Carefully review your device.


VISA - There is no VISA required. 

Immunization/Shots: According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are no obligatory vaccines you need before traveling to this location. Check your records to see if it's time to update your routine shots. The DPT vaccines, which protect against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, should be updated every 10 years.

Travel Insurance

CLICK for tips & info on travel insurance

Recommended - 

Covers Trip Cancellation, Medical and more...

Offered by Allianz Travel Insurance

Terms & Conditions

  • All A Wild Adventure Terms & Conditions apply

  • Policy subject to change per cruise line or tour operator’s conditions.

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