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How to book a GREAT Flight

HOW to book the best Flight from USA to Europe: (best for you could be the cheapest, or it could be the shortest???)

Use a search engine to look for deals – like (that’s the one I use), or maybe google flights

Search, find the one you like – then GO TO THE AIRLINE WEBSITE to book direct.

Never book with a 3rd-party, like justfly, asap, Expedia…etc (because if anything happens - times change, etc... - the airlines will NOT be able to help you).


If you are flying into one place, but OUT of another - do not do 2 roundtrips (crazy expensive). Instead, where you select Round Trip, or One Way - there is another option called Multi-City. Use that! Or if you see "Advanced" option, click that because that is multi-city.


Economy Premium Economy or Business??? – Book directly with the airline. You do not want to select “Basic Economy” (does not include bags or seat selection). 

Choose [regular] Economy.  You can select/upgrade your seats once your flight is selected (before you get to the payment screen).

It's a better VALUE to choose [regular] Economy and then UPGRADE your seat to ComfortPlus, or Main Cabin Extra (whatever that particular airline calls it) and select possibly BULKHEAD where no seats are in front of you...

If this doesn't work out, you can always go back in and choose Premium Economy if you must have leg room.

Either way, ALWAYS select your seats right away.

And if you want to get the real-deal on what seat really is what - go to

Fabulous website where you enter your flight number and your date (do this while you are booking your flight) and mouse over each seat to see what they say about it.

It's the real schematic of the plane (not the "not to scale" version on the airlines website).

Remember – on the RETURN flight, when you first touch-down in the USA, you need at least 2 – 2 ½ hrs to get thru Customs… to be able to make your connection home.

Try to find a flight with just ONE STOP each way.

On a budget?? – then pick 2 stops and have longer layover times…

It's all a bit time consuming to book a flight these days, but have patience and you'll get a good value and a good flight.

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